Thursday, 1 December 2011

1 Dec 11

Supatra continues to do very well and has now been back on treatment for three days at a low dose.  She is still off her steroids since 22 Nov 11 and it looks like her walking over the last few weeks has improved in that she does not walk with such a wide gait as she did before because of her balance issues.  The only thing still bothering her from her last episodes is her left eye in which she has little to no feeling and because of this aggravated the eyeball when she had her fits.  But it is slowly getting better and we are using several different eye drops and creams to over come this and she occasionally will wear a patch.  We are very happy that she is now well and we have taken her to school for some short spells.  Today she got to do her Christmas shopping for her family at school and already has the presents wrapped.  I can't wait to see what she got me and I might just have to sneak in her room to shake the box. :)  Tomorrow she will attend school again in between her infusion cycles and practise introducing the school Christmas play which she will have to do a few times in front of a large audience next week.

For those following this blog, don't forget to check the Events page as this Saturday, 03 Dec 11 is the Santa's Grotto at the Milton Country Park.  If you don't have tickets come anyways as there may be some to be had at the Cafe Diem in the park's Visitor Centre.  On Tuesday evening we were also invited to the Cambridge United Football Club game against Bath City (they tied 1:1) to be presented with a check for 494.71 pounds that was raised back on 11 Nov 11 by our friends.  Thank you to all the fans that gave that day, the Cambridge United FC for their support and specifically to Stuart Wood for taking care of us and Player Rory McAuley for presenting the check to Supatra.

As well, a big thank you to members of 2 Int Coy in Toronto and their CO, Major Phil Nicholson for raising 1,000.00 pounds on Supatra's behalf.  I am especially proud of you guys and gals for doing this and I miss being in Toronto with you.  I am sure the LFCA J2 section chipped in as well, so thank you to you.  I have also been told by my mother that her company Thrifty Foods has increased/matched the donations made from their hotdog sale a while ago for a total combined donation of $2,000.00.  Thank you so much. 

All the best wishes to Joseph (USA), Luna (London), Olivia (Maui), Leyel (Dubai), Billie (Exeter) and their wonderful families.  Hope you all enjoy the upcoming Christmas season as much as possible.


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