Thursday, 8 December 2011

8 Dec 11

Hello everyone,

Another busy week is flying by with lots of family activities at home and several outings.  We, of course took Supatra to the Santa's Grotto on 3 Dec at the Milton Country Park and had a great time.  It was especially nice to see all our friends lots of the fundraising committee members, some of whom I had not even met before, and all of the children, many of whom Supatra knows.  On 4th Dec Supatra went to Oli's birthday party which was a movie and then some food.  Supatra has also been going to school almost every day for at least a few hours at a time and she is really enjoying this.  On 6th Dec we went to my office Christmas party and also had a lovely time with Santa making a surprise visit as well. 

Supatra was continuing with the treatment up until Tuesday, 6th Dec when we received her blood results that showed a low Haemoglobin count and we were advised by the clinic to cease treatment until we could get another lab result that would confirm this drop or discount it as a bad blood sample.  A low haemoglobin count means that she has become anaemic at least for the short term and which can be a side affect of the antineoplaston treatment.  We are worried that this will again cause a lengthy delay in her continued treatment although Wednesday's lab results showed a small rebound in her levels.  After these last results the clinic gave us the go ahead to continue with the treatment today.  Tomorrow is another blood draw and we will be anxiously waiting to see if her haemoglobin levels are continuing back up to normal levels.  Of course if it does not then we might be asked to stop the treatment again.  Supatra looks fine and in fact looks better than she has in quite some time.  She has also had no other symptoms, her left eye seems to be getting better, and she continues to be quite energetic.  We forever have our fingers crossed that she will continue to be fine over the holiday period and be able to continue to take her treatment. 

This Saturday we will be saying good-bye to Punny's sister and family friend, which I am sure will be a sad moment for her and the kids.  It has been a great visit and I always love to have her sister around as she is quite the comedian - I just wish I could speak Thai so that I would know what she is constantly saying about me :)  Then later next week we welcome my mother as she starts her visit with us over the holidays.

Best wishes to all,


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  1. Sending all my love from Aunt Christine. Miss you.
    Hugs and kisses