Sunday, 27 November 2011

27 Nov 11

Hello everyone,

This last Thursday's Christmas shopping evening at Supatra's school was a big success and raised 611.14 pounds!  Thank you to all the businesses that set up stalls and donated items for the raffles and thank you to all the people that made this happen and those that spent some money.  Me and Punny had intended to go but when our friends arrived to drop off a turkey Thanksgiving dinner we forgot all about it - so sorry as we did want to show our faces and let Supatra look around for some Christmas gifts.  We will definitely come out for the Santa's Grotto scheduled for 3 December at the Milton Country Park's 'The Wild Place'. 

Supatra managed to attend school for 1.30 hours on Friday and she loved every minute of it!  We got some lovely feed back from parents who's children excitedly reported to them of Supatra's appearance.  We will try to get her to attend school again tomorrow however, she musty go to the dentist first.  Supatra's two front teeth have been wobbly for the last 3-4 months and it looks like the new teeth are pushing them up and outwards and the gums are not looking very good.  On Saturday she actually lost one of them and I hear the tooth fairy was very generous to her last night...only one more to go!  If we finish with the dentist in time then she can at least attend the lunch hour at school with her schoolmates.  Then in the afternoon its off to Addenbrookes to get her left eye checked as during her last fits seizures she did irritate it quite a bit.  Supatra will also be participating in the school play and she will make the opening announcement in her new beautiful purple dress that Nikki and Ben from Houston, Texas gave to her as a gift.  She tried it on this weekend and it looks beautiful on her and fits perfectly...thanks Nikki. 

On Saturday evening Punny's sister and Buddhist monk arrived in England for the first time and they looked very cold!  Today we set-up a little prayer area in our home and the monk conducted a blessing ceremony for the whole family and a special prayer and blessing session for Supatra.  Its too bad they can not speak English and I can not speak Thai as it would be nice to talk to them without Punny having to interpret.  They will stay with us for only two weeks and are flying back to Thailand on 10 December.  At around the same time I hope that my mom will arrive and stay with us through the holidays.  So a busy household but all good for us. 

Supatra is still doing very well.  She managed school very well, has been reading books to herself (something she has not done for several months) and playing by herself and with Jason.  She is definitely back to her normal self, as normal as that can be with the long term tumour symptoms still there.  On Tuesday we will start her back on the antineoplaston treatment at a very small dose and take three weeks to reach her target dose on around 18 December.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that going back on at this slow pace will result in her body excepting it much better and be in a good state as we approach Christmas day and onwards.

Our spirits are high again and our hope remains.

Best wishes to all,


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