Friday, 30 December 2011

30 Dec 11

Happy New Year everyone!

We continue to enjoy our relaxing holiday time at home with periodic day trips out.  Supatra is doing very well and is already sad that Christmas has come and gone.  However, today she started talking about Valentine's Day and she has already started to make some valentine cards!  Always way ahead of us and I am sure she will start wrapping Christmas presents early in the new year as she did this last year.  She was very happy to receive numerous gifts from Santa that were on her Santa's wish list and is enjoying playing with her sleeping time Annabelle baby and lite sprites.  Jason received his sister's old Thomas the train set that Supatra has not played with for years and he has not stopped playing with it other then to play with his new cars.  Cars and trains, that's all he has on his brain!  On 28 Dec 11, I took Supatra to London with grandma and we went to the Museum of Nature and then skating which was set-up on the museum grounds.  Unfortunately, our camera ran out of batteries after a few not so great pics and had to resort to using the iPhone which also did not take great pics.  However, below are a few of them anyways.



I was really surprised at how well Supatra skated considering it has been a year since her last time and of course her balance issues this year.  Although not quite skating on her own this first time she did really well with her barely holding on to my fingers as we went around the rink.  I definitely want to take her again but probably somewhere closer like Peterborough maybe.  Supatra has also been busy writing a story book, sewing, and doing general arts and craft stuff.

We want to take this opportunity to say Happy New Year to everyone and thank you for all the support over this arduous last year.  We are ever hopeful that this treatment will continue to keep our angel around for many more enjoyable moments and we are so looking forward to throwing her a big birthday party this year.

Please keep spreading the word about Supatra's need for help in order for her to continue this cancer treatment.

All the best to you and your families in the new year.


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