Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Rolling Seas

Southhampton dock arrival centre
Getting ready for her safety drill.

Checking out the ship.

Waving goodbye to Southhampton harbour.
Hello all.  We are currently at the tail end of day two aboard the QM II and the seas are starting to roll the ship today....could it be remnants of Huricane Irene?  Well, Punny is starting to feel sea sick but the kids are loving it so far.  Supatra and Jason have been with the onboard daycare most of today and into this evening.  In Fact, we checked on Supatra about an hour ago and she was having so much fun and was not tired at all.  Tonight she is staying up for the Panda 2 movie which the daycare staff are taking the older children to starting at 1030pm.  We tried to convince Supatra that this would be too late for her and that she would probably fall asleep before that but she refused to listen and was determined to stay up and go to the movie with all the other kids.  She continues to be very energetic with only some complaints about her left eye hurting her but we think this is due to her being on her new DSI for so long.  She remains off the steriods and she seems to be doing great.  Being on the ship has been great so far except for eating in the restruants as both Supatra and Jason tend to act up, making eating out quite stressful at times for me and Punny.....oh well I guess its normal with little kids. 

Jason is being as cute as ever but is also starting to become more demanding.....but very cute and cheeky!  Well, internet connections aboard ship are very expensive so I am not sure how often I will update this blog but will try at least one more time.  I think I need to stop typing as the ship is really rolling now and it is making me dizzy!  Must also go check on Supatra in the movie theatre to make sure she is OK.

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