Friday, 19 August 2011

June 2011

1-15 June 2011

Well, unfortunately my diary on Supatra's condition ends in May and therefore between June and August I will have to rely on my memory.  Supatra continues to go to school and is doing very well although she continues with her symptoms of left facial palsy, some balance instability, occasional pains, and now being over-weight.  But through this all she has been in good spirits and looks forward to doing what she has always done, playing with her friends, enjoying outings, going shopping and playing with her brother.  We continue to be hopeful that the herbal medications we are giving her are having some positive affects and keeping the tumour from growing.

16-30 June 2011

On 15-17 Jun 11, we went camping again with our family friends.  We were a little more prepared this time but again the weather failed us and it rained pretty hard the first night into the next day.  Of course Supatra, Jason and the other children did not mind and they had a blast running around and again roastig marshmellows on the fire.  Natalie and Dave made some excellent Pimms as usual.  We also went to some of the local coastal towns to spend some time on the beach.  Me and Punny always feel very tired after these so called weekend get-aways! 

During this time we also got confirmation of a vacation break in Wales donated by the Christian Lewis Trust which we are really excited about as we have wanted to go to Wales for some time now and just never got around to it.  Our trip is to take place the first week of July and I hope it will be nice and relaxing for all of us.  Around mid-June my mother also told me about the Burzynski clinic and this movie that I should watch about him.  I watched the movie and found it interesting but I also dismissed it as a propganda piece.  However, because there were testimonials that were so convincing I decided to look further into it.  Me and Punny discussed the issue for several days and while she jumped at the possibility of this being something we should try for Supatra I was still not so sure after I read further info on the web questioning Burzynski's methodology and treatment by other medical professionals.  But I kept looking into it and trying to find personal stories of peoples trials and tribulations on this antineoplaston treatment hoping that this would provide a truer picture of whether it was a scam or not.

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