Friday, 2 September 2011

Supatra's Adventure

We are now on day four of our voyage and today the seas are much calmer and Punny is feeling better!  The day after my last blog entry the weather became worse with rolling seas which moved the ship around quite a bit.  The weather was warm and there were only occasional light showers but the winds were gale force which made it quite exciting to walk the outside deck.  Supatra stayed up late for two nights in a row as the playzone kids got to see a movie (Kung Fu Panda II) the first night and then a live music show the second night.  The movie night ended at midnight and I think this is the longest Supatra has ever stayed up.  She did great through the whole evening and managed to stay awake.  The kids continue to be a challenge when taking them to eat and we have made a concious choice to eat with them in the various cafeterias as opposed to dressing up and going to the main rest.  However, Punny and I will make an effort to go formal at least once during this trip - probably tonight. 

Yesterday, because of the rough sea conditions everyone went to bed early.  I, on the other hand am getting very bored with the cruise as there are limited activities to do enless I go for the jazz-a-size class with the 70 year olds.  Anyway, today we will enjoy a little of the sunshine and calmer seas and maybe take in another movie.  Supatra and Jason love going to the playzone with all the other kids and activities that the ships personnel put on for them.  Supatra continues to do well although she did complain of a brief headache this morning at breakfast time.  It was similar to ones she used to get with the pain going away after a brief moment or two.  We continue to refrain from giving her anymore steriod medication and with all the running and walking she does on the ship seems to be losing a little weight. 

Supatra says hi to Isabel....she misses her best friend.


Our only formal night out with our new friends Joy and Allen.

Everyone enjoying our twice daily deck walk.

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  1. Bella says hi to Supatra too and missed her camping this weekend. We all missed you and it was sunny!