Friday, 19 August 2011

1-10 August 2011

Well not much has happened this week other then the preparations for our move.  We get packed and moved on the 4-5 August and then had a busy weekend unpacking and also cleaning our old place.  Luckily my company paid for the movers and packers and therefore we just needed to watch and do the odd bits.  The move went smoothly and Supatra continues to do remarkably well being off steriods for a little over two weeks now.

As of now we have decided to take Supatra to the Burzynski clinic in Houston Texas for treatment with Antineoplastons.  We feel that we have no other choice other then to watch her slowly die.  We booked a transatlantic one way cruise from Southhampton to New York and then from there we will rent a car and drive to Houston over a period of four days.  The total trip will take us jsut under two weeks.  Why go by ship?  Because the doctor told us that she could not and should not fly and that it was too dangerous.  We plan on turning this into a mini vacation for the kids because once we get down to the clinic we will need to start the process of preparing Supatra for the treatment and we already know that the first two months on this treatment can be very rough and uncomfortable for everyone.  I worry about Jason as I can already see here at home that he feels ignored and left out.  I hope this treatment at the minimum extends Supatras life by a few years - hopefully until another new conventional breakthrough happens in the treatment of DIPGs.

On 3 Aug 11, Supatra had another MRI scan to see what is happening with the tumour and we got the good news of stable disease.  However, we also know that this is still within the honeymoon period after radiotherapy and therefore we are keeping our fingers crosssed that she remains stable until well after we get to Houston to start her on the Antineoplastons.

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