Saturday, 5 November 2011

Fundraising Info

It has been a very good week for fund raising by all of our friends and my co-workers at RAF Molesworth.  Several weeks ago (sorry I forgot to get the date and location details) Alex, daughter of Lucrecia from work, ran a half marathon on behalf of Supatra and raised a whopping 626.00 pounds for her!  Awesome job Alex and really heart warming to know that you not knowing Supatra or our family would do this for us.  I heard from your mom that you finished in excellent time and that you are a natural athlete.  She also tells me that you did not even train for the event - I am impressed (because I would have died after the 4 mile mark :)).  Hopefully I can get some photos and will post them here in the future.

Additionally, my fellow Canadian Forces members whom I work with at Molesworth also helped raise funds with their their spouses organizing a bake sale at work this last Friday.  I understand that numerous other spouses from IFC members helped out by providing baked goods and the spread of snacks was outstanding (I did get to eat a few of them!).  In the space of a few hours everything was sold out and a tremendous $1,058.51USD was raised!  Thank you to all those at the IFC that bought some cakes, pastries, cupcakes, and cookies - I hope your not feeling too guilty for eating so much but my family thanks you for your continued support.  I would also like to thank the organizers and servers, Elisa, Sandra, and Louise for their hard work.  If others were involved and not mentioned here, I do apologize and thank you as well.  To be quite honest I wish we could hold these every Friday - not for the money - but because I love eating baked goods so much, hmmmm.  Maybe some of you could cook me a cake sometime...maybe, eh?....please?


Our local fundraising committee made up of Katy, Lucy, Chris and Michelle, Dave and Natalie, Lorraine, Rachel, Sarah, Nicola, Karen, Helen, Mie, and Mrs. Kirby is doing a great job of coming up with fundraising ideas and organizing the events.  Natalie and Michelle are also in need of some more raffle prizes so if you can help with this or anything else regarding their fundraising efforts you can contact them by email at:  Some of the upcoming events are listed below so please have a look and come out to the events. 

Thursday 10 November 2011 - Quiz Night

Location: Milton White Horse Pub, 20-22 High Street, Milton CB4 6AJ
Quiz game starts at 9pm and teams of up to seven players can enter, GBP3.00 fee per person.  There will also be a raffle taking place during the evening.  This will be a fun evening of laughter and copious amounts of beer and spirits!

Friday 11 November 2011 - Cambridge United FC Bucket Collection

Location: Cambridge Abbey Stadium, Newmarket Road, CB5 8LN
Cambridge United vs Wrexham (go Cambridge!)
Several parents and children will be rattling buckets in the stands to collect funds for Supatra.  Please come out and watch some exciting football, have a beer and enjoy the game.

Saturday 12 November 2011 - Colts Football Bucket Collection

Location: Milton football field behind Tesco
6 teams will be playing matches between 10am -1230pm
Several parents and children will be rattling buckets in the stands to collect funds for Supatra.  The Milton FC is an outstanding organization and the Colts are leading in their league.  Come out and watch some exciting football and enjoy the morning.

A big thank you to the Milton FC for allowing us to do this and for donating 500.00 pounds to Supatra.

Thursday 24 November 2011 - Christmas Shopping Evening

Location: Milton CE Primary School, Humphries Way, Milton, CB24 6DL
Open from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.  There will be a wide variety of stalls providing lots of ideas for Christmas gifts.  Refreshments will be on hand, a raffle and mini spa treatments including head massages and reflexology.  This should be a fun evening for adults and kids alike so come along and start shopping for Christmas...come on, we know you want you!

Stalls: Antique bronze, silver & costume jewellery; sweets & chocolate; cards & stationary; hand crafted items; photographs; books; cakes & cooking equipment and much more!

Saturday 3 December 2011 - Santa's Grotto

Location: The Wild Place, Milton Country Park
This is a special children's event filled with activities and a chance to meet with Santa and will take place from 9.30am to 4pm.  Pre-booked sessions are available for if you wish by contacting Lorraine at 01223-700-636.  Alternatively, tickets can be purchased at the Milton Country Park Visitors Centre Cafe Diem.  Groups will meet in the room above the Cafe Diem in the Visitors Centre for small craft activity before being taken in groups of 10 children to meet Father Christmas in the Wild Place.  Here they will sit around the camp fire, meet and have short chats with Father Christmas before receiving a small gift and leaving.

There will also be a sweat stall and hopefully some mulled wine.  The organizers also hope to be able to have some carol singing for some of the time.  Some details of this event are still be worked on and more info will follow in the coming weeks.


Celebrity Auction

Donated goods from celebrities are being gathered ready for an internet/Ebay auction.  If you have something you wish to donate please contact Michelle or Natalie at

Cambridge United Football Stadium Bucket Collection 2012

Date and details still to be arranged.

There are also many proposed fundraising ideas that the committee has in mind for 2012 and which will be advertised when ready.  The committee has come up with some terrific ideas and a great mixture of adult and children's entertainment that I hope will be enjoyable for all.  Thank you again to everyone who is helping out with these events as I know that some require a great deal of your time and energy.  I hope that those reading the blog will also help propagate the information and that we get a large turn-out for them all - lets see if we can get too many people to show up for these!

I also ask that you check back from time to time to see what new events are coming up. 

Many thanks to all.


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