Tuesday, 20 September 2011

19 Sep 11

Today we resumed our training at the Burzynski clinic while doing our daily antineoplaston IV bag changes, re-setting the infusion pump, drawing blood and doing a dressing change.  Supatra was great with no problems at all...as I suspected, as she gets used to the routine.  I did the blood draw and dressing change today while Punny prepared the IV bags and set the pump for the next 24 hr infusion cycle.  Supatra is doing OK but I think some symptoms/side affects are starting to appear from the treatment.  She seems to have a little brain fog, is more wobbly on her feet, has a little muscle weakness and feels more tired.  The doctor discussed with us about her going back on steroids but we said that we wanted to wait a little longer; however, after our meeting with the doctor we had second thoughts and will probably put her on a low dose (.05mg) of oral steroids tomorrow morning as per the doctors direction.  I should mention that there are two IV bags one with AS10 and the other with AS2-1.  The latter having a higher concentration of antineoplaston and is always set at a lower dose then the AS10.  The AS2-1 is slowly increased every three days while the weaker concentrated AS10 is increased everyday if there are no complications.  Tomorrow her AS2-1 is to be increased for the second time and therefore considering she is starting to show signs of the "normal" side affects we will start her on the oral steroids tomorrow morning to coincide with this increase in AS2-1.  

After our morning session at the Burzynski clinic we went to do some food shopping and visit a health clinic so that me and Punny can get a check-up as we both continue to suffer from a bad nagging cough and chest congestion.  The health nurse seems to think we have Bronchitis and put us on some antibiotics.  So now three of us are on antibiotics and Supatra is undergoing her treatment!  Hopefully, Supatra does not catch this bug as that would just make things extremely worse for her.

Tomorrow we also have a dietitians appointment and hopefully will get some good ideas for preparing low sodium foods for Supatra.  The one good thing about the last few weeks is that Supatra is eating her normal small meal portions and is starting to lose some of her chubbiness in her face that was a result of her steroid use.  Unfortunately, with this treatment it will be difficult if not impossible to get her to exercise as the treatment will make her more lethargic as she goes on.

Ciao, till next update!

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