Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines day to all of you, hope you all have a wonderful day with your loved one.  I am always thankful to God who gave me such true and loving people in my life. Thank you to all of you for your thoughts, kindness and love for us espeically to Supatra. Love is a miracle and with your love Supatra will be fine.

Supatra is continuing to do well today. We kept her on the same dose over the last few days to see how she gets on and will likely increase her dose again tomorrow. Yesterday was a very busy day for Supatra, we went to the Hospice for music therapy and went to the park with her best friend for tobogganing. Indeed it was a fun day for her but also a very tiring day. So, we decided to take it easy today, stay in and watch a movie at home.  Supatra is such a sweet little girl she never forgets to make us cards on special days such as today. She woke up this morning and gave me a big hug and kisses and told me how much she loved me.  She also made a card for Jason and her daddy.  We bought her a bounch of red roses because she loves flowers and loves to have them in her bed room.

I apologise for not updating the blog about Jason's birthday eariler. I meant to do it the day before yesterday but I was too devastated when I heard about my dad.  Unfortunately, my dad was told that he has bladder cancer and that they found a few tumours in his bladder which need to be removed as soon as possible.  My dad is 85 yeard old and very weak, having to go through an operation would take a toll on his health. I would love to visit him in Thailand but I can't leave my daughter who is also in her own cancer fight.  So now I have two people dear to me that I must worry about. I'm waiting for further information from my brother as to when the operation will be and at which hospital.  Jorg and I are discussing how we might make it possible for me to go and visit my dad and it might be that Jorg takes some time off work and stays home with Supatra while I travel with Jason to Thailand - but we just don't know yet.

Jason had the most amazing birthday. We took him to Funky Fun House with his best friends, Misa and Ellie. Supatra and one of her best friends, Oliver also came along.   He also had the most amazing birthday cake made by our good friend, Angelina and Kathryn from the prayer group. The cake was a large Thomas the Tank engine toy with three troublesome trucks behind made of cake and icing and filled with mini chocolate bar candies.  You should have seen his face light up when he saw that cake and of course all that chocolate!!  We also gave him two new Thomas the tank engines (Henry and James) for his train set and he has not stopped playing with them nor let them out of his sight.  He has also been singing the "accidents happen" song since Christmas and likes to crash the trains.  He is so amazing and so different from his big sister Supatra.  He has also become very adaptable because of our focus on Supatra at times which means he sometimes feels left out but we try our best not to let this happen.

Best wishes,


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