Tuesday, 25 October 2011


A while back I promised to provide an update to our fundraising efforts so far and therefore this post will try to do that.  I would first like to say thank you again to all those that have helped us in the UK and in Canada.  Our UK friends have been exceptional in pulling together and giving freely of their time and money in order to help us with Supatra's treatment.  The support in the UK has not only been from UK citizens but from my co-workers at my unit who happen to be from all over Europe and North America.  In Canada,the fundraising efforts are just getting started by family members and my extended military family.  I am blessed to be part of a great military organization and team - E Tenebris Lux!

To date you have raised approx. $17,500  USD for us!  Wow!  And in only a little over two months.  Great job, great effort by all.  This will provide at least two plus months of treatment for Supatra.  This is a fantastic amount and it really warms our hearts knowing you care about us and my little Supatra.  Thank you so much to everyone.

The other day my mom called to tell me of her co-workers efforts to raise funds on behalf of Supatra and it just made me feel so good knowing that these strangers were willing to put in this effort but also their valuable time to help us.  My mother works at a Victoria British Columbia grocery store in Fairview Plaza called Thrifty's and her store manager, Jim Fuller offered to do a hot dog sale this last Saturday.  Mr. Fuller and other staff members came in on their day off and on a day with non-stop rain to cook and sell hotdogs for the benefit of Supatra.  Their tally for the day was approx. $800!  A very big thank you to these strangers that went the extra mile to help a family in need.

Every little bit helps and these individual contributions and those from fund raising events like the recent bake sale at Supatra's school, which raised over 850 pounds to this more recent hotdog sale are making a big difference.  We have also had some large donations from individuals whom I am not at liberty to mention by name but also deserve a huge thank you and hug from all of us.  However, soon we hope to kick off a bigger campaign to have Supatra's story told in a national UK magazine and in some local newspapers as well and therefore we hope that not only larger donors will come forth but that by spreading the word further a field more individual donations will also appear. 

Additionally, as we plan for future events it will be our intention to advertise them here on this blog and whenever possible provide some pictures as well. 

It is also worth repeating every once in a while that any funds not used should Supatra have to stop her treatment(s) will be further donated and spread amongst several UK cancer charities that have assisted us and also a charity that is directly involved in helping fund brain cancer research.  Further details will be advertised when that time is upon us.

Thank you to our English friends and thank you to our Canadian friends and family.

Best wishes to all,


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