Monday, 3 October 2011

3 Oct 11

Supatra seems to be showing side affect symptoms as she vomited late on Saturday after drinking some apple juice.  She did not show any other signs of other side effects though and we wrote it off to the acidity of the juice not agreeing with her as she has had a change in dietary tastes.  She used to eat lots of apples and strawberries but now does not like them and she is now also eating more greens which she never used to like.  However, on Sunday evening we were invited to have supper at Nikki and Ben's house and she vomited again.  After speaking with the after hours doctor he agreed with our initial reaction which was to give her another small dose of oral steroids and told us to do so again if symptoms persisted.  Luckily, after the incident Supatra felt better and we put her to bed early after we arrived back home.  I have also noted an increase in muscle weakness as she struggles to get in and out of the car and climb onto the bed.  I hope that this is all part of the antineoplaston affects as we were told that her symptoms would likely get worse before getting better again.  This is due to the antineoplastons working to breakdown the tumour and while doing so it increases the likelihood of pressure build-up within the brain and particularly around the tumour area.  It seems like we have been here forever already but it is only three weeks of treatment so far so I guess I will need to be a bit more patient.  Our sleepless nights are increasing and we are now taking turns sleeping with Supatra as her constant need to drink water and then urinate keeps us all awake.  Of course, as stated before, this is a wide open apartment so even sleeping with Jason in the living room means we can hear everything that happens in the night.

We are still awaiting to hear from our local doctor and I put a call in to the practice manager to see what was up; however, she did not know but told me that she would check again with the doctor and send an email back today.  This did not occur and it is now evening time in the UK so we are again waiting until morning to follow-up.  Tomorrow morning I will also contact another doctor whose name I was given that might be able to help find someone for us. 

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