Friday, 21 September 2012

Supatra's 100 day anniversary of her passing

13 September marked the 100th day of Supatra's passing and it is a Buddhist tradition to mark this occasion with family's of the deceased attending their local temples.  Usually this is a big event that all family members and acquaintances of the family attend at their local Thai Buddhist temple where they make offerings to Buddha, the monks and to the deceased.  The Monks then conduct special chanting prayers with everyone as a means of offering merit and helping the deceased in heaven.  We would have liked to join our extended family in Thailand for this special occasion but work commitments would not allow this and so we held our own ceremony at a temple in Ottawa with a few dozen members of the Thai Buddhist faithful.  We also asked our friends and family members, where ever they were to do the same and so we had friends in England sending prayers to Supatra, in Victoria and Ottawa Canada and our extended family in Thailand all conducting ceremonies and remembering Supatra on the same day.  It was very heart warming for us to know that so many people were touched by Supatra in some way and that she is still thought about and remembered.  It is very important for me and Punny to know this and to see the wonderful pictures of people remembering Supatra in their own way.

We had my mom and sister releasing a balloon for Supatra and some of Supatra's best friends, Sam, Bella and Gracie releasing balloons in Milton Country Park in England.  It is also important to mention Oliver, another close friend of Supatra's who still thinks of her fondly and misses her very much.  Attached are some pictures of these moments. 

Both me and Punny are still in pain over losing Supatra to this cancer and we struggle to remain composed everyday.  Some days we just don't make it and the sorrow just washes over us like a tidal wave.  We miss our angel so much. 

Supatra's Grandfather in Thailand
Merit making by making offerings to the Monks
Gifts for the Monks
Pink dress for Supatra and toys
Supatra's Aunt and Uncle

Supatra would have loved these flowers!

Offering food to the Monks
Supatra loved wearing her tieras

Gifts for Supatra
Aunt Christine
Oma, Supatra's favourite person in the world after her mom
At the Ottawa Buddhist temple

Making our offerings to the Monks and Supatra
Supatra's mom preparing for the ceremony

Ottawa Buddhist temple

Michael and Gracie remembering
Supatra at her memorial Pink Blossom
Tree at her school in Milton, UK

Sam, Bella & Gracie

Sam, Bella & Gracie remembering Supatra with a
Balloon release
Hope you caught the balloon you

I promised to update this blog with the donation link for Natalie's marathon run in Bristol this coming spring and so here it is:

Please support Nat in her endeavour as it is for a very good cause; now very much so dear to our hearts - raising money for DIPG research.  This is also Nat's first attempt at a marathon and we thank her so much for doing this in Supatra's name. 

I continue to mull over some thoughts on how we can keep Supatra's memory alive and would like to create another website in Canada (linked to this one of course) that could be used as the basis for starting a new chapter of Supatra's Fairy Fund in Canada and to facilitate donations in this country.  I also do not find this blog site to be very user friendly especially in arranging a better layout then we currently have.  To start, I am thinking of creating an annual "Supatra's Fairy Walk" fundraising to be held on or near the anniversary of her passing (5th June) and hold some sort of evening event in her Honor in the late fall of each year.  Of course, the idea would be to raise money specifically for DIPG tumour research.  Unfortunately, my current employment training will likely keep me from making this a reality this coming year but I do hope to move forward with this charity work with a possible future aim of registering Supatra's Fairy Fund as a charity within Canada.  If there is anyone that would like to consider helping me in making these yearly events a reality, please let me know by contacting me through:

I would also like to let you know that my UK Just Giving page is still up with donations going directly to the Brain Tumour UK charity and any donations in Supatra's name (which all are when donated through this page) will be marked for DIPG research grants.

Once I have some time in the future I will also update this web page to reflect the change in our focus; however, Supatra's cancer fight and life story will always remain in case it might help other families going through this ordeal. 

Thank you to everyone who supported and continue to support us.

Jorg (Supatra's dad)

Miss you sweetie!

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