Friday, 27 January 2012

27 Jan 12

Hello everyone,

Supatra is doing fine and near her target dose.  It was Punny's birthday this last Thursday and Supatra ended up being more excited about it then her mommy.  The little rascal couldn't keep a secret and spilled all the beans on what I was planning for Punny!  This week we got to borrow a Wii game from friends who are on vacation skiing and Supatra loves playing on it, especially the dancing game and bowling.  I guess we will have to get her one for her birthday on 29 March.  We are still not sure what we would like to do for her birthday this year and of course we still need to plan something for her little brother Jason who will turn 3 on February 10th.  The next big date for us is on 1st Feb as that is when Supatra goes for her next MRI scan and we get to find out whether the treatment is continuing to work on her tumour.  I am now following about 6 different blogs on UK patients undergoing the Burzynski treatment, two of them adults and they are all doing very well. We are very lucky that Supatra has made it this far and we pray that she continues to do well.  I think the longer she stays stable the greater the chance of success in beating this cancer.  Today was an eventful day as she attended school for almost the full day for the first time since last year.  She was rather tired afterwards but thoroughly enjoyed being there with her friends who she misses terribly.  She is such a lovely daughter.  When I was away from my home office she wrote a bunch of messages of love with pictures on post-it notes and stuck them all around my computer :)   I love her so much!  I think I will take her shopping tomorrow to buy some toys for her brothers birthday - she just loves to buy presents for others.  Thanks to everyone at the IFC who keep giving to support Supatra's treatment costs, you guys and gals are amazing!

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  2. i hope you get well soon!

  3. I hope we raise enough money for you to get the treatment supatra needs!!!